Lee Harrington (passionandsoul) wrote in tranzsexworkers,
Lee Harrington

Curious about porn actors

Heya all.
I am a full time erotic eduactor, porn actress, Dominatrix, occassional sex worker, and pornographer. Full time in the industry, varying sides of it. My websites are here:

I have always been hyper femme in my porn, and since my head shave 2+ years ago, have started doing more and more gender blurring smut on RopeLover- but have heard no feedback either way about the issue from my fan base. However, I have lost a great bulk of my work as a vanilla porn actress because, well, I'm not girly girl enough most of the time any more... I can be, and I'm good at it, but I think the word has gotten out (probably from my big mouth) about my gender issues at large. Do I plan on transitioning- no idea... but that is not the issue.

The question-
Are there any porn actor/resses on the list, or hell, sex workers of any field, that have stayed in the field pre through post op? I know Buck Angel (www.buckangel.com), but his porn in that name and ID started post top op. Tara Emory (mtf/gender fucker- www.tara-ts.com), the same. I am curious if you or anyone you know in the biz that appeared in front of the camera has covered both sides of the porn gender range on film. Writers like Pat Califia, though being sex workers, are a differnt category because their bodies are not their way of life.

My body is, and I am slowly changing parts of my body and my way of living... so I am curious. I have also been debating about starting up a trans, punk and gender fucker escort agency in Australia... but am still stateside.
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