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Dear Penny Arcade

Way to make me really, really sad.

I was so much looking forward to seeing someone who is such an engaging performer and sex worker ally talk about their history in queer worlds, about going through the AID's crisis, about being around the drag queens and trans women who fucked shit up at stonewall.

And you were amazing! You drew me in and almost made me cry while talking about seeing your friends die and how the overwhelming devastation of "gay cancer" has almost been forgotten today, even as we are still catching it. Of course, I may have been so affected because five minutes into the show after you started making racially fetishistic remarks I took mushrooms so as to make a surreal experience at least a little interesting as well.

Referring to your white stripper accompaniments as "smart", "academic", and "pretty" and then turning around and introducing the dancers who were people of color primarily by talking about their racial background and the color of their skin is like, really really tacky. Has nobody ever pointed that out to you? If you're the fag hag you say you are I would have imagined that someone would have remarked on such an unclassy act. Have you ever talked to your dancers about how they feel about being talked about as examples of their race rather than as complex human beings?

I should have gotten up and gone to the kicking queer dance party then instead of sticking around because then I wouldn't have had to sit through your unapologetic transphobia.
Marsha P. Johnson was not a "drag queen" she was a mother fucking woman, a woman who probably got killed for being trans or a sex worker.
And this following dialogue we engaged in:
you - "and all the lesbians that are packing plastic in their underpants, thats really pathetic"
me - "they aren't lesbians, they're fags" (although I should have said boys, I was just talking for myself here)
you - "boys, bois, I don't know how you spell it but I spell it H*O*M*O*P*H*O*B*I*A"

Ok, apart from being really heartbreaking, that statement is just plain stupid. How is being transgendered homophobic? If you were going to say 'misogynist' I would still think you were full of shit but at least I could make the connection of where you were coming from. Of the hundreds of trans people I know an OVERWHELMING majority of them identify as queer, only a few people access any kind of straight privilege, even fewer search for it. If you think that the trans boom is dividing the LGBTQQI scene, well babe, it ain't us who are creating the divide - ever heard of a little thing called ENDA?

Apart from straw picking. You are full of bullshit. You spent all this time orating about bringing people together, all kinds, for one sex positive lovey revolution. But you want to put down a bunch of people who already get fucked around royally by society already? I didn't actually CHOOSE to be a transsexual for a fashion statement, you know? I know the fag look is attractive but it's not really worth limited job prospects, family rejection, and feeling so sick in my body sometimes that I have panic attacks when getting fucked.

So thanks for paying respect to the memory of Silvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Brandon Teena and the thousands of trans people who have worked in the sex industry, because that is one way we can survive, by flicking us away with a flip of your wrist as unworthy of respect.

And yes, you are right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and yours sucks.


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