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Sex Work Panels at Critical Resistance in Oakland. Sep 25-28

mmm, it's been hurting to walk down stairs again, & the silver lining to the aging body is that when one gets busy & forgets self care, the vulnerabilities of the mortal flesh will holler for stage. My knees have been hurting again & that has become, in the last couple of years, my body's hints that I'm overbooked & under-nursed.

I've slept alot of the day & picked up some supplements & am sitting down after this to chart out my week in effort to take care while I have an anatomy exam on Thursday & CR10 sessions this weekend.

SEX WORKERS & anyone really: please tell BayArea folx about the Critical Resistance Conference happening in Oakland, at Laney College, Sep. 25-28. This prison abolition conference marks the 10th yr. anniversary for this organization, founded by Angela Davis, that will prove to be instigating & inspiring! I don't know how often I hear people talk about the end times, & I witness people sinking deeper into their mattresses, while there are considerable actions, perspectives & ideologies that can lift the apathy from our follicles, & damn-if that doesn't feel better than bitterness, believe.
there will be more than 200 workshops, as well as incredible performances from across the nation & I believe world. & there's an amazing medical/healing space with free body work! It is free, no excuses to not come out & learn how the p.i.c. impacts all people in the u.s. & abroad. How we can remove its joints.

I have organized & will facilitate a session called:

"Sex Workers Buck & Behead the Criminalization of their Trade," that will take place Saturday, September 27, 4-530pm.
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