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Prop K Street Action

........the prop k art action faction did our first number today, by the Castro Muni station & the passerbys were very interested & were unanimously not aware of Prop K, the San Francisco decriminalization bill that will be on the Nov. election ballot. I came out, with one of those ridiculous halloween costumes turned cheap disco, with a cheap pair of gold 1" heals, to DANCE. I think the outfit was originally designed to be a Star Wars costume, gold, buckle print on the nylon shirt, & crease lines. But, really does look solid gold with the heals. Alas, the emergency phone call last night, tore me away from  pulling together a couple of synchronized moves with the others in the fetal dance troupe. So, there was no dancing today. Instead a performance about how decrim can lessen violence to hustlers.

This is only the second proposition I've organized around since 1999's Prop 21. It is a test in my familiarity with the political process, inspired by curiosity of how informal trades & those that advocate for people that work in informal trades, are located in our false democracy. I am interested to know if prostitution, like gay marriage, could be used as a campaign strategy, & if not, are the informal trades, like transgender people, too left. Bodies are political lines.

Also, how do trades that do not produce a product reduced within capitalism?

Right, so while I ponder the big questions, articulation of prostitution in the current economic framework is necessary.

On another angle, how political players that work in informal trades independently do, or do not come together to do political work? How would the tactics here look if we had a communist or socialist history?
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