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Hustler talk at SF State, student's responses

I joined other current/former hustler/hookers in a presentation of sex work to a "variations of human sexuality" class on tuesday.

Here are some of the things folks learned, then suggestions for future presentations:

"Nothing surprises me anymore."

"Not all sex workers are just slutty females and reasons they do it were surprising."

"I was uber surprised that pandering laws could be applied to spouses & dependents of sex workers. That's outrageous, yet at the same time, relatively congruent with the hypocrisy & discrimination (based on Judeo-Christian sexual repression) already prevalent in our society."

"That all of you are educated, intelligent, and responsible loving individuals."

"Sex workers are actually clean."

"Not all sex workers are rich & famous or they make a lot of money. Actually they are just like other people."

"Learned not all sex workers are rich because I always thought that they made a lot of money. Was surprised that some sex workers are actually well educated because I thought that people who got into sex work had a lack of education so they just do the work for the money."

"There is still a dark side of sex work. Violence & drugs still are involved, and none of that story was really told."

"Make me feel more comfortable with the exploitation of is something I feel is very intimate and special. I feel that sex work is like the jock who lives to just take sex for material gain causing the emotional aspect of sex to be killed. I feel that stereotype activity is invalid." (we did an excercise where we listed about 20[from us & the class] stereotypes of sex workers on the board, then discussed such stereotypes)

"State what gender each of you service, and what your personal sexual preference is"

"I think what can improve is if everyone can speak about a negative experiences that involved a client that became violent such as raping, beating or not paying them after the service was given."
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