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Baphomet's Sanctuary- Western Mass., Aug 17-19

Baphomet's Sanctuary (feel free to crosspost as is appropriate)

An Exploration of Third Gender Sacred Sexuality

Sex is sacred, and can be a source of great spiritual power and beauty. Walking the path of being the Sacred Third in this world can also be an integral and powerful part of one's spirituality. Yet in general, few know what a cross-section of those two paths would look like. The surviving traditions of sacred sex and sex magic do not have clear guidelines for the work of those of us whose souls, energy, and sometimes our bodies exist somewhere between male and female. What does sacred sexuality look like when we do it, in all our ambivalent glory?

This weekend will explore these possibilities in depth, with three full days of workshops, rituals, and activities. Some proposed workshops are:

Shapeshifting and Astral Sex
Sexual Energy and Breathwork for the Third Space
Sacred Toys: The Original Meaning of "Fetish"
Sacred Dance As An Erotic Offering
The Hermaphrodeities Of Sex
Touch, Dysphoria and Body Congruence
Energy Work Within Boundaries and Barriers: Safe Sex and Issues of Consent
Kurgarra and Galatur: Opening the Underworld

When: August 17-19, Friday noon to Sunday 6 p.m. You must arrive by noon on Friday, because that is when we discuss rules for the weekend. You can leave whenever you want. If you would like to come in Thursday night and camp over, there is no extra charge, just let us know when you will be coming in.

Where: Cauldron Farm in Hubbardston, Massachusetts.

What to Bring: This is a camping event, so bring a tent, camping gear, food for the weekend, flashlights, sunscreen, bug repellent, and appropriate clothing for the woods in August. There is a cold shower, a latrine, and a fire circle for cooking campfire food, but this is a no-frills gathering, which is why we can keep the price low. You might also want to bring: Large cushions. Soft mats. (There will be a lot of sitting on the ground for classes.) Backjacks. Folding chairs. Sex toys and other implements, if you have them. Sacred or festive clothing for dancing. Drums and musical instruments. Books on sacred sexuality that you think might be useful for other attendees. Towels and blankets. Donations of latex (unlubed comdoms, dental dams, and especially gloves), or towels, or blankets, or wet-wipes, are welcomed enthusiastically by the staff. Thank you!

Price: $25 for the weekend. Registration is due by August 1st. (We will have PayPal for registrations set up on the Cauldron Farm website soon.) Your fee goes entirely for such things as toilet paper, trash bags, soap, water, rehydration fluids, latex, towels, printed handouts, etc. The staff is unpaid and no one is making a profit here. Those who donate healthy snack food to the general table will be blessed.

For more information on Cauldron Farm visit: www.CauldronFarm.com
I plan on attending and likely I'll be teaching something, so for info on me, visit: www.PassionAndSoul.com
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